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Mario Mandarić is a young Croatian chef that made Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe – Art & Culture section in 2021.

Meet Mario

Meet Mario

Mario came into the media spotlight when he decided to create a special event, a seven-course Michelin star standard dinner, but using only the waste food surplus from local restaurants. His goal was raising awareness about waste food problem in the world.


From menu and recipe building, to restaurant layout design, Mario offers a wide range of services. But his experience in the culinary world is not just limited to designing and consultation, it also extendeds to the conduction of culinary workshops and schools.

Considering these strengths and aspirations, he can help you find the path towards fulfilling and achieving these dreams. The final product is going to be a true representation of the initial idea and its development into a successfully functioning business. These services that will infuse both the global as well as the unique and distinct culinary in an effort to make you stand out!

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