As a restaurateur, chef, or general manager, you are likely a food industry expert with many years of experience. Why hire a culinary consultant?


Culinary Consulting

On the pulse of modern culinary trends and timeless quality, Mario can offer you exceptional culinary consulting that will provide you with success in your business for years and years to come. From the initial planning sessions to the final stages of implementation Mario can aid you in transforming your culinary dream into a reality.

Culinary consulting advice that Mario provides include a wide range of services from Restaurant and Culinary Concept Development to Restaurant Design, also you will receive my expertise whether you’re working in fine dining banquet facilities, off premise catering, or specialized areas of mall food court conceptualization to food court management.

Restaurant Design

Optimizing your kitchen for not only space efficiency but also work efficiency. While working his magic Mario can develop a restaurant design that will be making sure that the dining hall is acoustically friendly, that diner comfort is maximized and that the servers’ needs are accommodated to the fullest. Also take the stress out of implementing complex or technical elements such as workstation ergonomics/design, cause Mario can do it all.

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Product Development and Branding

Culinary concept and brand development from day one of ideation to a complete opening and functioning kitchen operation for full service is a hard task indeed. Complete with a full analysis, breakdown of opportunities & solutions, and on premise solution minded approaches to long term success, Mario is an expert in his field of work.

A culinary consultant like him is able to leverage extensive external food industry expertise to provide an objective analysis of your business. Whether you own an independent restaurant, hotel or hotel chain, kitchen equipment company, or food and beverage supplier, a seasoned consultant can point out both strengths and weaknesses. Some may be about things that you may not have been fully aware of.

Menu Development & Culinary Training

Culinary consultants specialize in different types of cuisine or eating styles. When hired for menu development, culinary experts can help you with finding out who is your potential clientele and thus develop a menu that will try to cater to specific diners, offer healthier options, gain some creative input, and/or ensure food safety and quality. Food consultants can also be hired by chain restaurants to create quality assurance, operational systems and food handling and safety systems across all locations. Also this can include creating a concept development, collaborating on menu/recipe development, beverage system design etc.

Additionally, creating and performing kitchen staff training, and anything else you need to create an outstanding restaurant opening.

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